• Find the Best Locations for Your Stores in India

  • Our ML-powered platform helps restaurants, retail stores, and real-estate businesses find the best locations in 50+ Indian cities

  • How it works

    Where do your customers work?

    • Micro-market discovery based on where your target customers already work/study
    • Crack the best pricing strategy based on what your competitors offer and charge

    Where do customers live?

    • Find where target customers are concentrated at building and street-level granularity
    • Use information on amenities and social infrastructure around your property to plan a vibrant community life

    Where do they play?

    • Identify retail high-streets, malls, and restaurants to see where customers shop and eat
    • Identify gaming arenas, cafes, and bars to see where customers spend leisure time 
  • Our Location Data Streams

    Customer Targeting

    Identify where the right customers for your business are. See where and how your competitors are already serving them.

    Neighborhood Vibrancy

    Identify the availability of 50+ amenities and public infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, transport etc.

    Indicator Brands

    Track where 50+ fast-moving brands across F&B, fashion, healthcare and more are opening their stores across India.


    Our powerful in-house technologies can help answer your questions. Get in touch and leave the data discovery to us!

  • Our Team

    Yohan Mathew

    IIT Bombay postgrad with 7 years in product design & enterprise platforms. System architect, full-stack developer, automation expert.

    Saagar Tulshan

    5 years in commercial real estate and urban planning with a focus on applying location analytics to choose the right property sites across India.

    Dipika Prasad

    One decade in strategy consulting & product development. Built location-intelligence solutions across industries in South Asia & East Africa.

    Varun Pawar

    One decade in B2B/enterprise sales and early-stage investing. Set up Village Capital’s India operations and built their team making 15 investments.

  • Contact Us

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    Bangalore, India
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